Main principles of psoriasis treatment!

If you are now being treated – be aware the current psoriasis treatment helps you. If it’s doesn’t help or doesn’t help enough – throw it. Stop taking the pills and stick the diet, if they didn’t help you, of didn’t help enough. Be honest with yourself. I don’t recommend to treat anything of pills or medication. I advise you […]

Psoriasis and environment – people and ecology

The king of people you surround yourself affect how fast you cure psoriasis and whether you cure it at all. Remove from the environment all people who often evoke the following emotions in you: guilt inferiority fear and anxiety It’s doesn’t matter how you do it. Start living separately, get out of work or you will get rid of such […]

Physical condition and body condition for psoriasis

The pure and physically strong body with psoriasis is very important. If is body clean inside – it will be clean outside. Therefore the body needs to be clean inside and made physically strong outside. Cleaning the body from inside Need medical starvation. I recommend starting with 3 days of fasting on distilled water. After this fasting wait 2 weeks, […]

Food and drink for psoriasis treatment

Suppose that you eat everything. After each step give yourself 2-4 weeks to get used to a new lifestyle. Then follow the next step. Follow this steps Discard any pills, ointments and injections Discard any meat in any form. Fish and shrimp are also meat, give them up. Refuse any dairy products. Milk, cheese, cottage, yogurt etc. Discard any beverages, […]

Spiritual Life and Mental Health

I think spiritual health and spiritual practices the main think in psoriasis treatment. It’s spiritual practices will help you realize everything you need to treat psoriasis. They will help you understand who are you and what are you doing wrong. The main problem that prevents you from being a spiritual person is your mind and your thoughts. Perhaps you think […]

To hell it, take the case seriously

You are still annoying for this stuff? You still don’t see why you have it and how to cope with it? With this post I will gradually tell you how to cope with psoriasis. To fight psoriasis you must fight with youself: with you brain, you psihology, you view of life. Possible, that this is your must difficult battle of your life. […]

Honey and psoriasis

In psoriasis, it is not recommended to eat sweets. And the ideal is, even if you will be drinking tea without sugar. But many people can not give up sugar because of psychological attachment to it. And on this start searching sugar substitute. These substitutes are usually glucose and honey. Following Pagano diet psoriasis patients can take honey for food. […]

Potatoes and psoriasis

Pagano, in his book is not recommended to eat potatoes, and all products of the nightshade family. And psoriasis patients is not recommended eat not only chips but generally any kind of potato. Perhaps potatoes forbidden to eat because it contains starch. I try to tell my opinion of this. Fried potatoes and fries use is not recommended. But the usual […]

Eggs and psoriasis

According to the book Pagano, person with psoriasis can eat 1-2 eggs per day. But this eggs must be but these eggs should be without salt, mayonnaise or spices. Pagano also prohibits eating all fried foods. Based on my experiments, patients with psoriasis better not exclude eggs from the diet. But this rule does not always work. Some patients also […]

Causes and Treating Itch in Psoriasis

Itching – is a sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. These feelings are concentrating in one location or spread all over the body. The itch of psoriasis It was previously thought that psoriasis is not itching because of not all patients complain of itching. But medics scientifically proved that 80% of patients with psoriasis suffer from itching. […]