Physical condition and body condition for psoriasis

The pure and physically strong body with psoriasis is very important. If is body clean inside – it will be clean outside. Therefore the body needs to be clean inside and made physically strong outside.

Cleaning the body from inside

Need medical starvation. I recommend starting with 3 days of fasting on distilled water. After this fasting wait 2 weeks, after which you can start more serious starvation: 3-4 days of dry fasting and 3-4 days of starvation on distilled water with yield on juice 3-4 days. This will purify your body and your mind.

Physical condition

You need constant physical exercises to keep your muscles in tone and that the blood in your body circulates at it should.

I don’t recommend hard and stressful exercises in the gym. I recommend exercises for your back and the usual exercises of yoga.

Don’t swing your arms and legs. Give all you attention to you spine and the hip area.

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