Main principles of psoriasis treatment!

If you are now being treated – be aware the current psoriasis treatment helps you. If it’s doesn’t help or doesn’t help enough – throw it. Stop taking the pills and stick the diet, if they didn’t help you, of didn’t help enough. Be honest with yourself. I don’t recommend to treat anything of pills or medication. I advise you […]

Psoriasis and environment – people and ecology

The king of people you surround yourself affect how fast you cure psoriasis and whether you cure it at all. Remove from the environment all people who often evoke the following emotions in you: guilt inferiority fear and anxiety It’s doesn’t matter how you do it. Start living separately, get out of work or you will get rid of such […]

Physical condition and body condition for psoriasis

The pure and physically strong body with psoriasis is very important. If is body clean inside – it will be clean outside. Therefore the body needs to be clean inside and made physically strong outside. Cleaning the body from inside Need medical starvation. I recommend starting with 3 days of fasting on distilled water. After this fasting wait 2 weeks, […]

Spiritual Life and Mental Health

I think spiritual health and spiritual practices the main think in psoriasis treatment. It’s spiritual practices will help you realize everything you need to treat psoriasis. They will help you understand who are you and what are you doing wrong. The main problem that prevents you from being a spiritual person is your mind and your thoughts. Perhaps you think […]

Psoriasis on body – hands, elbows, face

Many people suffer from psoriasis on hands, elbows or facial psoriasis and because of that, their social life is severely affected. On top of that, they also have to deal with the continued stress caused by their skin disorder which in some cases, may even lead to having suicidal thoughts. For those who got psoriasis for the first time and […]

12 psoriasis arthritis treatment options

There are various psoriasis arthritis treatment options available which includes drugs and natural foods. these drugs include non-steroidal and anti-rheumatic drugs that work at modifying the disease. There are also biologics comprising of animal and human proteins and alternative remedies that all help treat psoriasis arthritis. The right psoriasis arthritis treatment is decided based on the severity of symptoms and […]

Psoriatic arthritis – causes, risk factors

When it comes to psoriatic arthritis, this is a form of arthritis that will usually affect individuals who suffer from psoriasis (a condition which causes red patches of skin to form topped with silvery scales). The majority of individuals will first of all be diagnosed with psoriasis and later on they’ll get to suffer from psoriatic arthritis, yet in some […]

Guttate psoriasis treatment methods

The guttate psoriasis treatment will depend from individual to individual and while some people will choose to treat themselves at home, it’s recommended that they’ll seek help only from their doctor. Guttate psoriasis is an acute skin eruption characterized by salmon pink, drop like papules that generally feature a fine scale. This type of psoriasis will usually appear on the […]

Laser treatment for psoriasis

The laser treatment for psoriasis or Light therapy also known as phototherapy involves exposing the skin to limited amounts of ultraviolet light (UV) light under medical supervision. Treatment is done in a doctor’s office or a specialized psoriasis clinic or sometimes even at home if a patient has a phototherapy unit. The main key to success with this system is […]

Plaque psoriasis treatment options

What is plaque psoriasis and what treatment options can people consider? written by: mischavladimir While plaque psoriasis may initially look like a mere skin condition, it’s basically a disease of the immune system, but good news is that the current plaque psoriasis treatment is quite effective and will allow people to feel much better. In individuals suffering from plaque psoriasis, […]

Psoriasis – a complex disease that can lead to the defeat of the joints and disability of patients. Timely initiation of treatment can help prevent this, despite the fact that to date, psoriasis is a chronic disease that can not be completely cured. The main objective in the treatment of psoriasis – to translate it into “sleep mode” remission. What are the means and methods of treatment of psoriasis are approved for use and proven effective in the treatment of psoriasis? How to choose individual treatment program?