Dermalex Psoriasis is a common and safe psoriasis treatment option. Psoriasis is a recurring skin condition that affects lots of people. It generally attacks men and women between the age of 15 to 25 but can grow worse with time. As it is believed to be a genetic predisposition and there is no complete cure for the condition the psoriasis patches can lead to depression and other psychological impacts on the sufferers’ daily life.

Though there is no formal cure for psoriasis, it is however possible to relieve its symptoms, improve the look of the affected red skin patches and also keep the infection under control using medication like Dermalex Psoriasis.

Dermalex Psoriasis is a steroid-free cream that helps reduce psoriasis symptoms and prevent the recurrence of new flare-ups.

It works based on a patent pending technology where it helps ceate a barrier repair accelerator that reduces the psoriasis symptoms while fortifying the damaged skin barrier.

It blocks the mechanism that usually triggers psoriasis symptoms and inflammation by reducing the keratynocite proliferation and immune-inflammatory process of psoriasis.

How Dermalex Psoriasis works Dermalex Psoriasis works good

Unlike the other emollients in the market which only rehydrate the skin, and steroid creams that only work at tackling the inflammation, Dermalex has its own unique skin repair mechanisms that helps treat psoriasis.

  1. The Magnesium in Dermalex Psoriasis helps normalize skin cell production by reducing the production and maturation time of skin cells. With Langerhans’s cells blocking the T-cells activation, the cream helps reduce psoriasis related excessive skin cell proliferation, itching and its inflammation.
  2. The cream also helps treat psoriasis by activating the skin’s natural repair mechanism which in turn accelerates the skin barrier recovery process. The barrier repair action is done by various alkali earth minerals creating an ionic environment.
    This applied colloid system creates a negative electric potential charge that attracts Magnesium and Calcium ions to help restore lipids to the skin surface and rebuilds the skin’s brick and mortar module. This helps reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.
  3. Moreover, the cream prevents water loss from the inside of the body to the outside with the barrier created by petrolatum or white Vaseline. Petrolatum penetrates the inter-cellular space and in the process, moisturizes the upper skin layer to help retain more water. By fortifying the skin barrier, new flare-ups can be prevented.

Usage and application Usage dermalex on skin

  1. It is safe to use Dermalex Psoriasis on adults and children aged above 14 years. Consult your doctor or dermatologist about applying it on small children and infants. It should be used on infants and toddlers only under strict parental supervision.
  2. It should be applied to the skin twice or thrice a day on the affected skin after taking a shower or bathing. For the first 3 days, you get better results if applied to damp skin.
  3. The cream can be used on large body parts for long periods of time.
  4. There is no quantity limitation to using this cream, and it can be safely used for long periods of time. In case of very dry or itching skin, it is better to use a perfume free hypoallergenic moisturizer cream for treating and soothing the skin after you apply Dermalex Repair Psoriasis cream.
  5. 5. While Dermalex Psoriasis is a standalone treatment option for mild and moderate psoriasis, if to be used with other treatments, to reduce the side effects of these treatment options or to improve the effects of the therapy, it is better to do so only after consulting your pharmacist first. It however can be used in combination with bathing therapy, UVB treatment and TOMESA therapy for improved efficiency and better results.

Clinically proven for safety dermalex

Clinically proven for safety

Dermalex Psoriasis is a specifically formulated cream that is clinically proven by dermatologists.

Its clinical studies prove its efficiency and safety where there is a reduction of psoriasis itching and scaling in a matter of two weeks’ time.

  1. The cream helps maintain the condition of improved psoriasis skin. In case there is any reappearance of symptoms, immediately apply it to manage the flare-up.
  2. There are no steroids like cortisone, tar or tar products, vitamin A-derivatives, vitamin D3 analogues, sulphur or any keratolytic agents like salicylic acids.
  3. No allergic reactions documented with the use of Dermalex Psoriasis. There is also no information about any possible interactions of the cream with other products.
  4. There are no rebounding effects associated with Dermalex Repair Psoriasis cream. All you may experience is some minor burning sensations and/or some tingling sensations during the first few days of its usage. There are also no documented side effects related with the product.
  5. In case you experience burning or tingling sensation, try diluting a small amount of the cream with lukewarm water and then apply to the affected skin using your fingers. Any tingling you feel now is normal and nothing to worry about.
  6. The skin does not make the thin skin or more sensitive to injuries and it does not cause any photo-allergic reactions to your body. The cream does not stain clothing or your skin and does not lead to any skin depigmentation.

Clinically proven for safety dermalex

Important information

  1. As Dermalex Repair Psoriasis skin is water soluble, it should be reapplied after washing psoriasis spots.
  2. Itching skin should never be scratched as it only aggravates the condition. So maintain short and neat fingernails to avoid infection and any irritation that arises due to scratching.
  3. It’s better to wear loose clothing, preferably made of natural fibers as these natural fibers help absorb transpirations, oily lotions and body excretions.
  4. While applying, avoid any contact with eyes and genitals. In case of accidental contact, rinse the areas thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  5. Dermalex Psoriasis is meant only for external use and should not be applied on open wounds.
  6. In case more than 40% of your body is covered with psoriasis plague or if you are pregnant, it is important to consult your dermatologist before starting the treatment.
  7. In the unlikely case you experience any long lasting irritation or allergic reactions, stop the cream immediately.
  8. Store the cream out of reach of children and not near any source of heat or direct sunlight.
  9. Dermalex Repair Psoriasis creams make use least possible preservatives, which guarantee its hypoallergenic qualities.
  10. Never use the cream after the expiry date printed on the tube and packaging.


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