I begin your psoriasis treatment. Welcome. Obviously, we start treatment with psychological state. I’m sure your psychological state is about 70 percent of success psoriasis treatment.

My work objective is to explain that to you and for you to understand. I will creating new rules posts whenever i possible. Using these simple rules i almost completely get rid of psoriasis – sometimes it arising at minimum on my ankle and my head. It appears only if i don’t follow my rules.

Lets start first rule: Stop sacrificing!!!

Stop sacrificing: your time, your psychological state, your principals, things you love. I’t your life, your body, your mind! And you have choice!

So, what to do for start treatment?

Don’t sacrificing – don’t anything you don’t want. Promise, no one people don’t die or ill, if you stop sacrificing yourself and your interests.

You should not eat anything if you do not want. And the same time, you should eat anything, if you really want it.

Listen to yourself and your body.


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