In the course of life, we often do not think about the importance of own health. Only with the advent of serious incurable diseases often we begin to think about their own lives, trying to regain their lost somehow.

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Our site is dedicated to such a dangerous and probably one of the most ancient diseases such as psoriasis. Get the basic information known at the moment about the disease in the section Info.mild moderate severe psoriasis

The disease is not contagious and cannot be transmitted, has a very complex pathogenesis and propensity to relapse. It is often confused with eczema. Learn more here: Eczema and psoriasis difference.

Psoriasis can manifest itself in many forms. This article provides a brief description of each species and its features: Psoriasis definition and its forms.

Psoriasis most commonly appears as a popular rash on the skin. It is observed in 80% – 90% of all patients. Get more information here: Psoriasis skin disease.

Sometimes, however, psoriasis can affect the liver. In this case, the disease can lead to irreparable consequences. Is there a way to improve the course of the disease in this case? Read the article: Psoriasis of the liver disease.

It turns out that psoriasis can not only lead to skin problems. This is one of the most common causes of baldness! Read more here: Psoriasis hair loss problem.

psoriasis childrenFrom such diseases as psoriasis no one is immune: even children can suffer from it. Read more in the article: Problem of psoriasis in children.

We already mentioned above psoriasis spares no one. It can affect anyone, regardless of their social position and status. Even some celebrities suffer from this disease. Details in the article: Well known celebrities with psoriasis.

Of course, there are certain factors that can trigger or exacerbate its development of the disease itself. Learn more about it here: Different psoriasis triggers.

But what is the root cause of the disease? What could cause it? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the article: How do You Get Psoriasis.

psoriasis skin destructionFor some people the disease itself as a whole seems to be something simple and every day, and they are not even aware that many patients with psoriasis suffer from this itchy rash, because it interferes with their daily life and sometimes does not give elementary sleep. How to cope with such manifestations of the disease find here: Psoriasis itch problem – because of what and what to do?

During the period of regression, in places where there were rashes, skin discolored and only in some areas there are small plaques. With proper maintenance treatment may complete disappearance of symptoms. For details, see the article: Useful home remedies for psoriasis.

Topical treatments are used for mild to moderate forms of psoriasis. Learn about the features of their application and effectiveness, the following links:  Cream for psoriasis help hide the symptoms, An effective shampoo for psoriasis and Effective oils for psoriasis disease.

gluten freeIs it possible to alleviate the disease specific products? Yes or no, find out here: Gluten – one of the main agents of psoriasis.

Forms of the disease are quite varied among the main types can be noted some of the most common types. Their main characteristics and features can be found in the section Types.

Oddly enough, many people still think that psoriasis – a contagious disease. So whether it’s actually read the article: Is Psoriasis Contagious?

Sometimes psoriasis masquerades as other skin diseases. For example, it may resemble the toksikodermiya. Learn how to distinguish this form of psoriasis by clicking on the link: Guttate psoriasis – features.

In some patients with psoriasis in the progressive bowl period influenced by various irritants suddenly increased body temperature, and developed erythema. It’s pretty dangerous phenomenon; find out more in this article: What is erythrodermic psoriasis?

Most complex forms of psoriasis are considered atypical. The disease can occur at any age in both men and women. It flows – a chronic, relapsing, with periods of exacerbation in the autumn-winter period. Read more here: Flexural psoriasis overview.type

Treatment inverse psoriasis is difficult because of the location of lesions. Skin wrinkles are often among the most sensitive locations, which increases the risk of local reaction to many drugs. Doctors often treat not only psoriasis, but also the accompanying infection caused by yeast or fungi. More information about treatment of atypical psoriasis find here: Inverse Psoriasis – effective treatments.

Psoriasis can affect the nail plate on the background of the disease; they can change the color, thicken, and exfoliate. In some cases you can even nail loss completely. Detailed information can be found here: Nail psoriasis – treating and caring.

Scalp psoriasis – the most common form of the disease. This form of the disease occurs very long and hard, and quite poorly to topical treatment. Read more in the article: The causes of scalp psoriasis.

Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis. It is a rash of spots on the skin, first in small areas, then their appearance in the same locations on opposite sides of the body. Plaque psoriasis can be maintained for a long period of time. Read more here: Plaque psoriasis epidemiology.

Pustular psoriasis is associated with the formation of pustules on the hands and feet. This form of the disease may appear as soon as the primary disease and may develop from other types of psoriasis. More information can be accessed by clicking on this link: Pustular psoriasis and its causes.

Psoriasis is terrible thing. When the first symptoms you need to see a doctor and get treatment if you run, then later it will be difficult to deal with it. Learn all about how to discern it in section Symptoms.

symptomsAbout what are the common symptoms are characteristic of this disease can be found in the article: Psoriasis symptoms – how to recognize psoriasis.

To learn which symptoms are typical for arthritis psoriasis? How to distinguish that overwhelmed the small joints of the hands and feet can be found here: Recognizing psoriasis arthritis symptoms.

Currently there are more than six types of psoriasis, each of which has its own symptoms. Common to all forms of the disease symptoms include a feeling of tightness and severe itching. Learn more about the plaque psoriasis symptoms here: Plaque psoriasis symptoms and diagnosis.

However, all is not hopeless. It has long been known that under certain diet, psoriasis can be maintained under recourse. Learn about the different diets with psoriasis found in the section Diets.

To achieve a positive and lasting effect on the rehabilitation of severe forms of psoriasis, as well as to prevent the further development of milder forms of the disease, it is important to follow certain rules of supply. Read more in the article: The main food for psoriasis diet.

dietAlso known are two diets are used in the treatment of psoriasis. Each has certain advantages. You can acquainted with their basic principles by clicking on the links: Pagano diet psoriasis products and Paleo diet psoriasis nutrition.

Yet, despite the advances in modern medicine, the problem of psoriasis and its treatment is still open and has not been fully studied. Completely cure psoriasis is not currently possible. The main trend in the treatment of this disease is – to minimize the inflammation of the affected skin and maximum deceleration processes of cell division of the skin. What are the opportunities in the treatment of psoriasis offers modern medicine can be found in section Drugs.

About one of the most common and safe method of treatment can be found here: Dermalex psoriasis usage.

Is it possible alternative treatment of psoriasis with homeopathy? How is it effectively? Find the answers to these and other questions in this article: Is homeopathy for psoriasis effective?

However, psoriasis – a chronic disease, which is inherent to recur, it is often associated with seasonality, stress, infectious colds, allergies and so on. Therefore, treatment should also be aimed at improving immunity. Read more in the article: Humira in treating psoriasis.

psoriasis phototherapyPhysiotherapy method used for moderate to severe forms of the disease. Learn about one of its varieties, phototherapy, follow the link: Phototherapy for psoriasis.

Psoriasis has a multifactorial nature, in which the origin of the disease may be caused by viral infections or colds, genetic, neurogenic, exchange, immune, endocrine and intoxication. So using of vitamins in the treatment of this disease has a positive effect on the patient’s general condition. Read more here: Vitamins that help control psoriasis.

Famous Brand Johnson & Johnson offers an innovative product that helps slow down the reproduction of skin cells, thereby reduces the manifestations of psoriasis. Find out more about the use of this drug from the article: Stelara for the treatment of psoriasis.

Psoriasis may eventually acquire resistance (resistance) to a particular type of treatment. In such cases, the issue is especially topical application of natural medicines. Read more by clicking on the link: Easy Psoriasis Natural Treatment Options.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease. Therefore, the main task of doctors is to translate it into “sleep mode” remission. Learn about the most efficient methods that allow doing this, in the section Treatment.

Any skin disease can cause a drop in self-esteem in the person, and psoriasis, characterized by the occurrence of chronic, especially. How to be if the disease struck the visible parts of the body? Read the article: Psoriasis on body – hands, elbows, face.

Treatment of psoriatic arthritis still remains relevant and challenging. Psoriasis Treatment often is complex and includes general, local therapy and physiotherapy. Get more useful information can be in these articles: 12 psoriasis arthritis treatment options and Psoriatic arthritis – causes, risk factors.


Psoriasis Treatment determined by the localization, severity, disease history of each patient tolerated drugs. For patients with mild psoriasis therapy is limited to local treatment, for patients with a large surface of the affected local treatment combined with laser therapy. Read more here: Laser treatment for psoriasis.

Do not forget about the natural psoriasis treatment. These articles are the most interesting and effective methods: Treating psoriasis naturally and 23 ways of natural psoriasis treatment.



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