In psoriasis, it is not recommended to eat sweets. And the ideal is, even if you will be drinking tea without sugar. But many people can not give up sugar because of psychological attachment to it. And on this start searching sugar substitute. These substitutes are usually glucose and honey.

Following Pagano diet psoriasis patients can take honey for food. But there is one very important condition – this honey should be natural and it must be recently obtained from the fresh honeycomb.

Honey, bought in the store is not recommended due to the fact that this honey is always permissible acidity increased. And honey from the fresh honeycomb is considered alkaline forming product.

From myself I want to add that very often in many patients even begins aggravation because quality honey. Keep track of your health after taking honey and if you start aggravation – discard it.


17 Dec, 2013

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17 Dec, 2013

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