So what all the buzz about pagano diet psoriasis and how are they connected? Before we take an in-depth look at how the pagano diet and psoriasis are intertwined, let’s take a look at how diet has an impact on psoriasis.

First, you should note that when the bowels and excretory systems can’t cope with their functions, the main blow happens to the skin. Psoriasis worsens when the blood quality doesn’t match the average according to the microbial index and at the same time the body becomes polluted with a quality and quantity of proteins. [note]This is why any psoriasis treatment must first of all concentrate on restoring the normal functionality of the kidneys, liver and lungs. [/note]This starts with gastrointestinal tract regulation.

Foods to avoid when affected by psoriasis

Patients suffering from psoriasis must exclude the following products from their diet:

  • fatty red meat
  • chocolate and candies
  • seafood and raw fish like sushi
  • white polished rice
  • strawberry and citruses
  • all alcoholic beverages including beer
  • sausage products and smoked products
  • tomato and citrus juices
  • milk, ice cream, concentrated milk, milk based cereal and soups and cream
  • products made of white grind flour and yeast bread products
  • tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, salad pepper, tobacco
  • products containing artificial colorants and admixtures

Recommended products to eat when affected by psoriasis

The following products are recommended for those suffering from psoriasis;
freshly squeezed fruit juicesfruits, except prunes, cranberry, currant, blueberries, and plums (acidulous elements)saltwater fishgrain and bread products made from millet and in some cases wild or brown ricethe occasional milk cheeses and cottage cheesevegetables (fresh and cooked): carrots, asparagus, celery, parsley, lettuce, sweet potato, garlic, onion, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin

The Pagano diet

Dr. John Pagano based his pagano diet psoriasis on more than 20 years of experience and he developed a natural method to cure psoriasis. [note]He based his diet plan on helping the body to dispose its natural toxins through purification of the bowels, herbal teas, diet and spine therapy. [/note]Patients who have maintained the strict and systematic recommendations of the Pagano diet have seen psoriasis symptoms relief taking it to prolonged remission. Most importantly, remember that having a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle is important in the recovery process.

The pagano diet psoriasis rules

  • Dr. Pagano recommends drinking 6 to 8 glasses of clear water daily. This is in addition to other beverages like coffee, tea among others. You can also squeeze a fresh lemon in a glass of cold or hot water.
  • Drink plenty of healthy juices made from pear, grapes, mango, apricots and pineapple.
  • A significant part of your diet should consist of fresh or stewed veggies and fresh vegetable juices made from celery, carrots, beet-root, spinach, parsley, onions.
  • Drink various types of tea regularly. These include bark of slippery elm, safflower, mullein, and chamomile and watermelon seeds tea.
  • Almonds are great since they contain a lot of fiber. Psoriasis patients should eat 2-4 almonds each day and up to 3 times a week in any form.
  • Meat products should consist of 20-30% of the daily diet of any psoriasis patient. Pagano suggests going for lamb and poultry meat and remove any visible fat from the meat and avoid frying it.
  • Use fish as a source of minerals, protein and vitamins
  • Eggs can be eaten once or twice each week but not when fried

Psoriasis patients should have at least a 20-30% daily intake of milk products. They should be buttermilk, fat-free, almond and soy milk, white cheese, low fat and salt cottage cheese, low fat and fat-free yogurt and kefir. They are also encouraged to eat plenty of cereals made of barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, oat, bran, bread-corn, wheat, corn flour, wild or brown rice and whole seeds.

Foods to avoid when on a Pagano diet

  • Cane sugar and any related products should be completely avoided
  • Ice cream, cream and whole-milk products are not recommended.
  • Avoid all forms of white bread and any products made from white flour.
  • People with psoriasis should avoid and exclude all types of crustaceans from their diet. These include crabs, oysters, scallops, shrimps, snails, mussels among others as well as sauces based on these crustaceans.
  • Products that contain a large amount of preservatives should also be avoided.
  • Alcohol and smoking are strictly forbidden.Pagano diet psoriasis on the hands and legs
  • Psoriasis patients should also give up citrus fruits and its juices, strawberries and take out all solanaceous vegetables (eggplants, pepper, tomatoes, tobacco and potatoes) from their diets.
  • Red meat of all kinds isn’t recommended (except lamb) and all products made from red meat should be avoided

The above mentioned items are just general recommendations meant to push the psoriasis into remission. In the fight against psoriasis, you have to take all the necessary measures to ensure that it doesn’t develop into a more serious form of psoriasis or get aggravated. If you decide to stick to a diet, consult your doctor so that he/she makes the appropriate recommendations based on your particular situation.

Remember, psoriasis patients present various symptoms and each symptom responds differently to medication, diet as well as aggravates. [note]Consulting a nutritionist is also prudent and let him/her work in collaboration with your doctor so that they are both on the same page as far as your diet is concerned.[/note]

The pagano diet psoriasis recommendations may have worked for many people but that doesn’t mean it will work for you, or at least not all of it. Pagano diet psoriasis on the bodyIf one aspect of the recommended diet aggravates your psoriasis, stop it immediately and try something different. Don’t quit the whole program simply because one thing doesn’t work for you.

You can develop your own workable formula as you go along that bring the psoriasis to even longer periods of remission. This is a long term battle and you have to have all the weapons you need in your arsenal to fight a winning war. It’s unfortunate but psoriasis is a re-occurring condition and since there is no permanent cure for it patients have to constantly deal with it. To effectively live comfortably you have to do everything to ensure that you suppress it to manageable levels. Some people live with the condition for years on end without any serious symptoms presenting themselves and so can you.

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