The king of people you surround yourself affect how fast you cure psoriasis and whether you cure it at all. Remove from the environment all people who often evoke the following emotions in you:

  • guilt
  • inferiority
  • fear and anxiety

It’s doesn’t matter how you do it. Start living separately, get out of work or you will get rid of such people somehow differently. It’s important that you understand that you never get rid of psoriasis if there are such people in you environment. 

And few words about the feeling of guilt

Stop sacrificing!

Stop sacrificing: your time, your psychological state, your principals, things you love. I’t your life, your body, your mind! And you have choice!

Ecology and psoriasis

About ecology – i think you understand that if you live in big city, then there a problem with ecology. To treat psoriasis you need the best possible ecology place – clean air, nature, calm environment, natural fruits and vegetables.

You can say – how can i do this, because i have a family and work in the city. True, you have to chose whether you want to cure psoriasis or not. If not – continue to live in the city and don’t change anything.

01 Nov, 2013

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