Psoriatic arthritis photos

Psoriatic arthritis photos can be found online and the disease is chronic. It is characterized by inflammation of the skin and joints. Psoriatic arthritis is a systemic rheumatic disease that also causes inflammation in body tissues away from joints other than the skin like the heart, lungs, eyes and kidneys.


The main cause of psoriatic arthritis is unknown although a combination of genetics, the immune system and environmental factors are thought to be the main culprits. [note]The gene marker HLA-B27 is found in about 50% of cases of people with this type of psoriasis. [/note]Several other genes have also been identified to be common among people with psoriatic arthritis. Certain changes in the immune system are also thought to be factors that contribute to the development of psoriatic arthritis.

Signs and symptoms

In many patients, psoriasis precedes psoriatic arthritis by months to years. The type of psoriatic arthritis that develops depends on distribution of the joints affected. There are 5 types of psoriatic arthritis: asymmetric and few joints, symmetrical, spondylitis, arthritis mutilans and distal interphalangeal joints. [note]The arthritis usually develops around the ankles, knees and joint in the feet which then become stiff, swollen, red, hot and painful.[/note] In some cases, joint inflammation in the fingers and toes causes swelling of the entire digit giving them a sausage appearance. The joint stiffness is typically bad in the morning.


Generally, psoriatic arthritis treatment involves a combination of exercise and anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID). If there is progressive inflammation and joint destruction even after NSAIDs treatment, some more potent medications like methotrexate, corticosteroids and anti-malarial medications are used.

Psoriatic arthritis photos hands

The exercise programs can be done at home alone or with the help of a physical therapist and are customized according to the patientв’s condition. Ice application after the exercise routine helps to minimize the post exercise soreness and inflammation. Psoriatic arthritis photos after treatment look much better than those taken before treatment is administered.

Psoriatic arthritis photos

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