I think spiritual health and spiritual practices the main think in psoriasis treatment. It’s spiritual practices will help you realize everything you need to treat psoriasis. They will help you understand who are you and what are you doing wrong.

The main problem that prevents you from being a spiritual person is your mind and your thoughts.

Perhaps you think that everything is ok with you and your mental and spiritual health is normal. I don’t want to prove to you have a problem with this. You will understand this as soon as you begin some spiritual practices, such as meditation. Most likely you can’t even spend 15 seconds without thoughts, without moving or concentrating on anything.

You must become conscious person

You should be aware of all your thoughts, all your feelings and emotions. You must always aware of yourself and the world around you. You shouldn’t have any unnecessary thoughts that you unknowingly think automatically. No automatic actions. Everything must be conscious. To be conscious always and in everything the main goal of your spiritual life.

Recognize all your negative emotions: fears, suffering, anger, filings of guilt, affection, sadness, depressions and disappointment.

Also be aware of your joyful feelings: happiness, love, luck and success.

Be aware of everything, but try to look at everything as form afar, realizing that all these emotions are only thoughts, illusions of the mind. Try to be always balanced and a little warm. Any unnormalized emotions above the norm will only hurt you, even if the are positive emotions.

Also you must give up all ideas about yourself, who you are, about your selfish personality.

Mandatory practices for spiritual recovery

  • Meditations
  • Exercises with breathing
  • Yoga

Mandatory literature for reading

First level:

  • Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now
  • Eckhart Tolle A New Earth
  • Eckhart Tolle Practicing the Power of Now

High level:

  • Osho: And Now and Here
  • Osho: Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance
  • Other Osho books
  • Laozi: Tao: The Way
  • Laozi: Dao De Jing: The United Version
  • Other Laozi books
  • Ramana Maharshi: The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi
  • Ramana Maharshi: Who Am I
  • Ramana Maharshi: Be As You Are
  • Ramana Maharshi: How to Practice Self Inquiry
  • Ramana Maharshi: The Seven Steps to Awakening
  • Ramana Maharshi: Erase The Ego
  • Another Ramana Maharshi books
  • Other books on mindfulness and meditation

Good luck with your journey. Remember – your way is true for any way true.


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