Psoriasis is a recurring, complex, autoimmune skin disorder that has no known cure so people are still looking for psoriasis natural treatment. It is characterized by red, flaky skin patches. Even though there is no definitive cure for psoriasis, there are options to relive its symptoms such as systematic and topical treatments. These treatments help in inflammation reduction and decrease plaque formation. They also remove the scales and smoothen the skin out giving it a more natural look. Here are also a number of natural home remedies psoriasis patients can make use of.

Soaking it up

Add some oil, Epsom salts, colloidal oatmeal or some dead salts to a warm bath of water then soak the affected parts of the body in it. This will help in removing the dry patches of skin as well as alleviate the burning and itching. However, you should be careful with this form f treatment. Using hot water may only aggravate the psoriasis so you have to ensure the water is at the right temperature before you soak in it. [note]It is recommended that patients soak in the mixture for about 15 minutes then apply a moisturizer or oil to the affected parts immediately after the bath.[/note]

Make use of moisturizers

Psoriasis causes the skin to dry up and burn which then leads the person to scratch and itch which only worsens the situation. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to always keep the skin moist by applying a moisturizer all over the body. The moisturizer will prevent the dry plaques from making it difficult for the person to move and thus maintain their flexibility. A simple moisturizing option is petroleum jelly which is available everywhere.

Make use of spices psoriasis natural treatment options

To treat some of the symptoms of psoriasis, you can turn to the kitchen. Yours spice rack may have the solutions you have been looking for all this while. Capsaicin (the substance in cayenne pepper that gives it its heat) can help relieve the itching and pain. It does this by blocking the communication system of the sensory nerves. Capsaicin is known to not only alleviate the skin but also helps in getting rid of the plaques. [note]You can look for creams that contain 0.025-0.075% capsaicin to apply on your skin. [/note]You may notice changes on the skin after about a week or so and its best to keep the cream away from your eyes and mucus membranes since it produces a burning sensation.

Make use of vinegar dips

Another form of psoriasis natural treatment is the use of apple cider vinegar. It is commonly used in treating minor burns and skin inflammation as well as a disinfectant. You can use the vinegar as a dip to treat your skin. If the toenails and fingernails are infected, put some sour vinegar in a bowl then dip them into the vinegar for a few minutes. You can also moisten cotton balls with the vinegar then apply it onto the plaques on the skin.

Wrap it all up

You should carefully wrap your skin after a topical treatment or applying moisturizer. [note]This will help the medication stay in place for longer periods of time plus work much better. [/note]This is also an effective way of covering the sores and letting the moisturizer be absorbed by the skin. It is advisable to let the medication soak in thoroughly for it to work. Wrap the skin with a kitchen plastic wrap or using an over the counter patch. Leave it on for about an hour before taking it off.

Don’t use any dyes or perfumes

Most of the perfumes and soaps out there have dyes and fragrances in their content. Sure, they will make you smell great but some of them can inflame your psoriasis even further. Go for products that are labeled “sensitive skin”. These are made without the perfumes or dyes that can aggravate the psoriasis.

The diet you have

The diet you take does play a major role in how you manage our psoriasis. Eliminating any red meat and fatty foods form the diet has yielded results for some. [note]Nuts, soy, cranberries and chocolate have been noted as “functional” foods in treating psoriasis.[/note] Taking dietary supplements may also help to ease the symptoms of psoriasis from the inside. Vitamin D, fish oil, evening primrose and milk thistle have all been reported to help some patients. However, it is important to take only those supplements that do not interfere with already existing conditions or have harmful side effects to your body. For some, fish oil applied directly onto the skin seems to work.

No one answer psoriasis natural treatment 3

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single cure for any form of psoriasis out there. This means that not everything works for everyone so people have to do trial and error applications to find what works for them and what aggravates their psoriasis. When something works for you, keep doing it and if you notice any aggravation to the psoriasis, stop immediately. You basically have to custom tailor your treatment to keep the itching and flaking to a minimum.


The main cause of psoriasis is still unknown and even what causes the breakouts isn’t known so this makes it very hard to predict. [note]However, those who have a family history of family breakouts are more at risk as its thought to be connected to the genetic make-up.[/note]

It is good to combine both natural as well as modern forms of medicine. This way you can get advice from your doctor before you try out any out of the box treatments. The bottom line is there are many psoriasis natural treatment being floated out there and some do actually work for particular situations. All you have to do is find something that works for you as well. Try various combinations of treatments and get advice from your doctor on what to do and what not to do. Don’t go for the extreme “miracle” treatments as there are no such things as miracle treatments for psoriasis. Psoriasis is a life time disease and the best thing you can do is manage it so that it doesn’t elevate to chronic levels.

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